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Frequently Asked Questions about Website Builder

What is a Website Builder?

CVC Internet's Website Builder is a service that provides over 10,000 professional templates, and it provides wizards for creating and customizing website content (text and images).  When you purchase a Website Builder account, you will get to choose from five different packages which include different features and design templates; see below for a brief description of each package.

  • Business Card - A basic, one-page package for customers in need of a small website.
  • Starter Website - A simple three-page package that includes personal templates, a photo album, and more.
  • Personal Website - For individuals seeking a more established presence.  Features include a site creation wizard, image editor, photo album, and resume builder.
  • Small Business Website - Includes a customer form creator, Flash animation editor, maps, driving directions, and all the features of a personal website.
  • Ecommerce Website - For individuals or companies that want to build an online storefront.  The e-commerce wizard allows users to set up a store and integrate many industry standard payment gateways.


30-Day Trial Account

A 30-Day Trial account is free and will allow you to create a complete website based on one of the available Website Builder packages.  All features included with the selected package are available with a trail account:, however, the website created with the trail account cannot be published.  In order to publish the website, the Website Builder account must be activated into a "Go Live" account.  Once the service is a "Go Live" account, the trial account will be deleted after the 30-day trail period.


Signing Up

To activate a Website Builder account, please visit establishing service, please review the Terms and Conditions of Website Builder service by visiting


Website Builder Permissions

If you loose the permissions to your Website Builder program, please complete a "Lost Permissions" request form at   In order for the request to be fulfilled, you will need to accurately document your account information so a CVC Internet representative can validate the request as being legitimate.   Once the request has been validated, CVC Internet will send the permissions to the e-mail address indicated on the account. 


Upgrading Service

You are welcome to increase the features and number of pages available with your CVC Internet Website Builder.  Packages can only be upgraded; you cannot downgrade to a lower package at this time. For a list of service features, please click here.


Downgrading Service

At this time it is not possible to downgrade your account. The only available options are to Upgrade or Cancel.


Deactivation of Website Builder Service

If you decide to cancel your Website Builder Service, please complete a "Deactivate Service Request" form by visiting  In order for the request to be fulfilled, you will need to accurately document your account information, so a CVC Internet representative can validate the request as being legitimate.   Once the request has been validated, the Website Builder service will be deactivated on the next anniversary date for Website Builder service - the first of the month.   Deactivation request must be received 30 days in advance of desired date for deactivation - per terms and conditions of service (  The

CVC Internet, LLC may terminate Services at any time, with or without notice, for any conduct which CVC Internet, LLC, in its sole discretion, believes violates the terms and conditions of Service, or is otherwise harmful to CVC 
Internet, LLC interests or the interests of other customers. We may deactivate Website Builder service before you receive notice of termination (if we give any notice). Termination by either of us may be with or without cause. The Customer specifically waives the right to sue or ability to subrogate those rights for any losses. 

You must pay all charges for Website Builder Services provided before termination of a account, regardless of who terminates Services. If Services are terminated before the end of the month, the monthly recurring charge is not prorated to the date of termination, and you will not receive a credit or refund for any unused Services. 


Exporting A Website Builder Account

Website Builder services for your site will only work while your service is hosted at, but if you need to move the site you can request an "export" service by completing a service request at  Export service will convert all of the site files into a re-publishable format and package it in a zipped file.  Export service fee for a Business Card Website is $15, Starter Website is $27, Personal and Small Business Websites are $30, and E-Commerce Website is $45.  Export service fee must be paid before the website will be exported to the e-mail address indicated on the Website Builder account.


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